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  • International Certified E-commerce Professionals Association provides members with Referral Employment services in the E-commerce industry


    Referral Employment services are the service offered by International Certified E-commerce Professionals Association to certified e-commerce professionals and is open to a limited number of other applicants who are relevant to the cross-border e-commerce industry, including but not limited to industry experts, experienced practitioners, association community members, industry academics and researchers, etc., provided they meet the relevant criteria of the target company. 


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    Who can apply for this service. Certified E-commerce professionals who have been certified. Relevant practitioners in the cross-border e-commerce industry, including: (requires work experience and education close to the minimum standards for Certified E-commerce Professional (CEP), related information "CEP Certification Tutorial" https://www.cep.vip/ct/)

    Industry experts; experienced practitioners; members of association communities; industry academics, researchers.

    Senior practitioners in the Internet industry, including senior practitioners in well-known international and domestic Internet companies, etc.; major Internet practitioners with many years of work experience, R&D, product, operations, etc.

    Relevant people recommended by association members, including (need a recommendation from association members) senior industry experts recommended by association members; former colleagues recommended by association members.

    International Certified E-commerce Professionals Association has a large number of certified e-commerce experts, association members, association partners, association relationship networks, industry expert resources, etc. These people are distributed among the top companies in the well-known e-commerce industry. Due to the rapid growth of the cross-border e-commerce industry and the Internet industry, a large number of well-known companies need to recruit new people to join them, and the association recommends candidates through the people and relationship networks already working within these companies. Referral Employment services use the target company's internal promotion process, which is entered into the target company's internal promotion system by internal personnel, rather than external public recruitment platforms or official websites, and is separate from traditional company recruitment.



    International Certified E-commerce Professionals Association is an international not-for-profit organization, and Referral Employment services are designed to help members who have earned the Certified E-commerce Professionals designation to find better career paths through other members or networks already working for well-known companies. The association has worked with companies and in-company referrals to recruit more professionals, especially scarce industry talent, through the association's network of relationships.

    In addition, due to the explosive growth of the international E-commerce and global Internet industries, the demand for recruitment of well-known companies and intra-company referrals has surged, resulting in the demand for talent from these companies not being supplied by the network of certified members and the association's network of contacts, so the association's team has started to look for more suitable candidates for Referral Employment from outside and other industries, relaxing the requirements for Referral Employment services of well-known companies.

    The internal promotion process involves multiple interests and may in some cases cost the association's reputation and network. In order to better organize the work related to the internal promotion team, the following principles have been established.

    Friendly: The entire Referral Employment services process must ensure a friendly relationship between all parties, and any non-friendly behavior, such as complaining about the staff involved, denigrating the target company, accusing the interviewer or HR, and other bad behavior, will permanently disqualify the insider, and serious cases will be entered into the recruitment blacklist of all target companies.

    Free: The entire Referral Employment services are free of charge for all participants, including Certified E-commerce Professionals, community members, etc. The exceptions are other expert consulting services, paid services from partners, courses from training institutions, etc.

    Public Welfare: The team and related referrals will take more help candidates' perspectives to Referral Employment services, has been as much as possible to help cross-border e-commerce industry practitioners, industry experts, community members, Internet experts, etc. to develop their careers and form a long-term development of the community environment.



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